Pre-Ejaculation Put Me To Shame For Over 5Years Until I Got Natural Solution


From One Minute Performance to 30 Minutes Non stop


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6 Years Ago My wife Stop good attitude Because I Was

 Too Weak in Bed… But Today She Calls Me Bed Champion!


 Because I found a Natural Solution That Forces Her To Ask For More


Premature Ejaculation Had Caused Alot Of Marriage Breakup totally


Here is my Testimony


I'm Austin from Asaba, The dude whose wife 

stop having sex with because of poor performance in bed 6 years Ago.


First, a startling admission, I have weak erection and has dealt with me to 

the extent, I was hit with the sex starving mentioned………………………..


In case You want to know if I was born weak to perform in bed, 

The answer is No. I am Not, In fact I can Last 45 minutes in my first 

round and ask for second, before I say Jack Robinson she’s tired. The whole

 story suddenly changed after I contacted one of the deadly sexually 

Transmitted disease. Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD)


I kept It To Myself, Couldn't Even Tell My Wife.


You cannot believe this! 


Most of the time, I cried in shame almost committing suicide.  

Here’s the confession…………Though if I would go back in time,

 I’d never have wanted to exist as a man. It was really hurtful.

I actually looked for solution from one means to another; I bought

 several drugs and undergone series of medication, But Yet No solution.

The Case worsened when I discovered my Joystick "Penis"
 was getting weaker and smaller day by day.

Haaa! See me I am in trouble. It became unbearable and could not cope with it.


For Over 5Years No good result, I felt Like committing suicide.

And my wife became fed up and heated in feeling," Enough is enough, 

I'm not a wood, blood flows through my body, I can't cope with this

 anymore and she stop having sex with me telling me to find solution to my problem.


Every Man Desires a Happy Family!!


This Virus Called Pre-Ejaculation has destroyed lot's Inability of homes. to satisfy your woman in BED!! You were not born that way, CURE IT NOW!!

I took on one of the hardest decisions during that hardest time in my life. 

I have been viciously attacked with UNJUSTIFIED hate, molestation 

and insults. Never once was I happy about the situation.


My strength, courage could not carry it.


But I held on the word "when there's life there's Hope”…. even though 

there was no money to further the treatment, No hope coming elsewhere. 


Every woman want to get more from me


But Miracle Happened after 5 Years 4 Months

 My Wife stopped having sex with Me


 8 Months Ago, I was With some folks at a our church meeting since I'm a workers in my church and I really love doing the things of God and that was what I do to make myself happy. Then I heard two elders talking about something, I was surprised because I thought I was the only one that have that problem.

The Second elder was appreciating the other one for the solution he gave him. He said he spent 40 minutes with his wife in bed.

I can't believe it, as old as this man, spending 40 minutes in the bedroom! This is wonder I said. I waited on that same spot till they finished their discussion. and I approached the solution elder and he introduced me to something amazing I still can't believe it can be done within 48 hours


Do you know what's surprised me?


I can't believe that even Elder can be looking for a way to improve his bedroom performance until the elder told me that there are many people facing this problem in the church, mosque or any other places that they are just looking for a way to solve it like us.


I never knew that day would be a day of my turn around.


The man gave me the contact of a Doctor that day that rescue me from the embarrassment of Premature-ejaculation and the STD infection.

 His name is Dr Albert who became very fabric of what it means for me to become a potent man again

That fateful day, my mind said I should call him, even though 

I've contacted several orthodox doctors, herbal doctors, I've bought pills

 even went to Vigil upon vigil but nothing happens. One man even 

defrauded me of my hard earn money on the useless magic ring.


So I wiped away my doubt "If This man is going to be my messiah

 or Not let me just try this last time"   when I got home I called him

 and explained my condition. I have no place to hide anymore; 

I was a Shameless person to say my problem.


When I called he told me he has closed for the day. And He said I should call the Next day. so I did. Second morning, I was busy watching the time waiting for appointed time as If I've an interview with my employer.


In fact, it was actually My Joystick palaver that brought the sleepless nights.


At exactly 7:59 am, I called and told him everything about myself, how I contracted it. I WAS SO DEPRESSED and he calmed me down and said to God all things are possible.

Finally, I met Dr Albert who studied traditional herbal medicine at the prestigious Qingdao Ocean University, Shandong province, People’ Republic of China.

He Introduced this powerful herbal products to me, I got the packs and started using them according to his prescription and to the Glory  of God, I'm free,

 I'm a potent man now

 Today my wife calls me SUPPER MAN because she often asks for more…..
 Or should I say I am a SUPER LOVER? Thank You Doctor Albert.  You're a God sent








Doctor told me that many people have small penis because of STD. He said many don't even know that they have STD and 95% of people living with STD but they will never agree when you tell them.


The first is Herbal Powder

The Second Is 4mula.

Doctor told me to stop using Penis enlargement products have been using that it has bad side effect to my penis. He advise me to use Herbal powder to cure all the diseases that is reducing my manhood and after using for 3 days he said I should use 4mula. After 24 hours of using 4mula. my body cannot take it anymore. I have to beg my wife to give me one more chance that if I failed her she should do anything for me.



For over 20 minutes my wife is shouting and she can't believe that is her husband even I myself cannot believe this. Since that day, she calls me Champion in the other room.


For weak erection, premature ejaculation, get the herbal 4mula.

For STDs or STIs, infections, syphilis, staphylococcus, gonorrhea, small penis... Get herbal powder.

To give you wonder powerful work, Get The Two together and you will see the woman asking for more


If you are diagnosed or observed the diseases mentioned above ….... Then get the both products for total cure!

But if  You are Diabetes or Hypertensive .....  you will add Cleanser to your purchase. (You can contact Us For This Before You Order)


Do you want to see more testimonies that Doctor sent to me from people who have been using this products?


Like the saying goes, “Seeing is believing,” and our track record speaks for us.

Below are testimonies from those I've treated that were infected. And they are the ones sharing the testimonies after the use our  HERBAL PRODUCTS.


My dear Dr. Albert, you have a wonderful and great product in 4mula. It completely rejuvenates; at 60,I now perform like a 25 year old. This great remedy works. Regards. --- Uncle Jones .Monrovia, Liberia.
I have use the product Herbalrich and Alberchin and the most beautiful of all, my husband will say is Megaman; They are all wonderful products, that clears all forms of infections especially Staphylococcus. I dabbed into it on goggle and today we are thankful to God Almighty after a comprehensive test

 Madam I.C.

Herbal powder and herbal 4mula is a real super action herbal Viagra .It gives me satisfaction as my customers are saying it gives them hard rock erection and sexual satisfaction .


My dear Dr. I can't believe my husband can now perform like a real man. For over 7 years have been living on hell on this earth. My husband cannot last 1 minutes and anyime he ask for sex I always turned him down. But today, he is a real man and I can now enjoy my marriage again.

Toyin Osogbo

I was scared of marriage even when I was over 30years because I knew that any woman I got married to will definitely go outside to seek for sex because I can't satisfy her. Not that am not looking for solution but I can't find any, even when I called you that day, I just said let me try and I thank God because my trier gave me solution. Thanks Doctor

John Lagos

Thanks so much Dr. Albert, You make me smile again. Have been battling with toilet infection and my husband gonorrhea but thank God I met you. we are completely free. Thanks so much. I have people who also need this please, I will call you soon

Mrs. Temitope Johnson Ilorin

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